Creating value for users and being an excellent supplier

Creating value for users and being an excellent supplier

Since its establishment in 2000, the company has devoted itself to the development, manufacture, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of a series of electromechanical complete sets of equipment such as automated rotary transportation equipment, catering sushi equipment, rotary hot pot equipment, and stainless steel sushi rotary table.The company has advanced processing equipment, advanced management model and high-quality technical personnel, always follow the world's advanced ranks, continuous innovation, enterprising.

What we do

We mainly product Catering: Rotary sushi line, Rotary hot pot line, Rotary sushi belt, Rotary hot pot belt, Rotary bar, Rotary restaurant, Rotary bar, Rotary sushi table, Rotary bar, Rotary restaurant, Rotary hot pot equipment, Rotary sushi equipment, sushi cabinet, sushi dish, sushi tap, sushi conveyor belt, Double Rotary sushi equipment, Double Rotary hot pot equipment, Rotary buffet, rotary Japanese restaurant bar, etc..


It is widely used in electronics, household appliances, beverages, food, catering, hotels, bars, shopping malls, tobacco, post and telecommunications, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, light industrial heavy industry electromechanical products and other industries. At the same time, it also provides many complete transportation equipment for the port, dock, catering industry, product display industry and other industries.


Our company has always adhered to the concept of "creating value for users and being an excellent supplier", and based on the principle of "reasonable application, superior quality, and excellent service", according to the customer's own needs, We will provide optimal technical solutions, the strongest reliability, and produce efficient, safe, high-performance, low-cost transmission equipment.