Meal ladder food lift elevator for kitchen use

Meal ladder food lift elevator for kitchen use


The vegetable ladder is also known as the Hotel Food Delivery Ladder,Continuous kitchen elevator,food ladder,food lift elevator,Continuous deliver food ladder,Automatic meal ladder,Automatic food delivery ladder, food delivery ladder to send the dining ladder. Passing the vegetable ladder, it is strictly forbidden to take people, also known as sundries ladders, lifts, hoists, and it has many forms.
1. The food lift elevator is generally divided into two types according to the transportation form, and one type is a reciprocating type,another is continuous type.
2. The vegetable ladder is divided according to the goods to be transported, and can be divided into a food ladder and a freight elevator.
3. The food lift elevator has a structural form and can be divided into hydraulic type, chain type and traction type.
4. The food ladder can also be divided into window type and floor type
5. There is also a light reciprocating type, which is the same as the elevator type. It can be from the first floor to the second floor to the third floor and the fourth floor. This reciprocating elevator transports goods relatively lightly, usually 50 to 500KG, they drive the form motor plus reducer to drive.

This one is the continuous lift.It can be transported in boxes or bags. It has a Z-shaped lift and a C-shaped lift. They have a conveyor belt at the entrance and exit to connect the workpiece. The conveyor belt of the outlet is connected to the outside, and the conveyor belt at the inlet is conveyed inward. The entrance is equipped with a photoelectric switch to ensure that the tray and the conveyor belt are docked.


Small footprint, no need for strong civil construction capacity, new and old buildings can be installed and used, saving users time and cost.


The food ladder is widely used in various large, medium and small restaurants, hotels, hotels, supermarkets, factories.