Revolving restaurant for viewing the urban landscape

Revolving restaurant for viewing the urban landscape


A revolving restaurant is a tower restaurant eating space designed to rest atop a broad circular revolving platform.The revolving restaurant, also known as the Tower restaurant and Rotation tower restaurant.Tower restaurant can be customized into a rotating glass room, a rotating house, and the house and the ground are all rotated. The rotating floor of the rotating restaurant can be installed with sockets.You can customized a Water revolving restaurant.Tower restaurant allows people to view the urban landscape, ornamental scenery and natural landscapes on a rotating platform.The use of such equipment can improve the quality of the main building, increase economic efficiency, and speed up the recovery of construction investment. It is also a hardware facility of a star hotel. This product is one-stop service from design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and maintenance to our company to achieve customer satisfaction.


The Tower restaurant is suitable for high-rise towers, restaurants, sightseeing halls, entertainment halls and other ring-shaped buildings. 

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