Single layer sushi conveyor belt

Single layer sushi conveyor belt

Suuply Capacity:500sets/year
Place of Origin:Suzhou
Packaging:Wooden packing


Conveyor belt sushi, also called Rotating sushi equipment, Hexagonal Rotary sushi, Sushi rotary equipment, Cooling Rotary Sushi Equipment. The Single layer sushi conveyor belt is suitable for all kinds of high-end restaurants. The Single layer sushi conveyor belt has certain dustproof and fresh-keeping functions for food, and can ensure the safety and hygiene of food, ensuring that your food is presented in front of the guests in the most delicious form.

Product Specification


The general width is 560MM

Shape of the equipment

L,E,T (The rotary hot pot equipment can be designed according to the layout of the store and the customer's requirements.)


cooling system,heating system

Cooling system


Heating system


Shape of the glass cover

circle,Castle shape(The glass cover is bright and transparent, non-slip and wear-resistant.)

Style of the dining table

Can be designed according to the layout of the store or the requirements of the customer.

Additional equipped system

1. Boiling water system 1set/m(The customer can drink fresh hot water in front of them, so as to avoid the restaurant waiter pouring water back and forth, which can save manpower.);

2.Atomizing device(prevent moisture evaporation on the surface of the dish)

Material of the dinningtable

artificial stone, marble, hardwood(In general, we recommend rotating the hot pot equipment with artificial stone for the countertop. In recent years, artificial stone has become the darling of the kitchen industry with its diverse shapes, seamless seams and fashionable appearance.)

Material of the wall skirt

marble, fireproof board, acrylic sheet, translucent stone, aluminum-plastic board


Customers can entrust us to install or choose to decorate by themselves.

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