Smart unmanned racking systems factory intelligent warehouse

Smart unmanned racking systems factory intelligent warehouse


Features of Intelligent warehouse

  • Unmanned
Seamless connection of all kinds of handling machinery can realize the whole warehouse's unmanned operation. It can reducing labor costs and avoiding hidden dangers of personnel safety and cargo damage risk.

  • Intensification
Storage height can reach more than 20m.The roadway and cargo space are almost the same width. The high-level storage mode has greatly improved the land use rate.

  • Storage area
Store the whole container in batches and pick out the goods directly after receiving the whole container order.

  • Packing area
The packing area check and pack the completed order. Standard size packages can be packed mechanically.While non-standard size packages need to be packed manually.

  • Promotion of information technology
Information recognition technology and supporting software can realize information management in warehouse. It can grasp inventory dynamics in real time and achieve rapid scheduling.

  • High speed
The delivery speed of each roadway can reach 60 tonnes per hour, which is much higher than forklift truck. It can ensuring the delivery speed of warehouse.

  • Picking area
For bulk orders, the whole container of goods in the warehouse area should be disassembled and cached in the picking area. It picks the goods according to the order.

  • Sorting area
According to the loading rules, parcels are automatically sorted out.