Virtual Reality cinema 3D rotating platform

Virtual Reality cinema 3D rotating platform

Suuply Capacity:500sets/year
Place of Origin:Suzhou
Packaging:Wooden packing


The VR cinema rotation platform, also known as the 360 degree rotation platform, cinema 3D rotating platform and Rotating cinema platform with seats.The cinema 3D rotating platform has 360-degree rotation in infinite direction.cinema 3D rotating platform can simulate various rich and varied action scenes. It is the most powerful and revolutionary real dynamic simulation platform in the industry.


1.It can be combined with the most advanced head-mounted 3D display, equivalent to a 750-inch screen at 20 meters, the super-synchronized audio-visual and dynamic experience of the immersive, far-reaching sense, far exceeds The feeling of the traditional 5D dynamic cinema.
2.The mini-dynamic cinema consisting of a drifting electric platform and a head-mounted 3D display saves space compared to traditional dynamic cinemas, and has a stronger sense of entry, realism, excitement and fun!
3.cinema 3D rotating platform also supports the steering wheel to play simulation driving, flying, rowing games, has a wonderful and exciting experience, and is smaller.
4.It is suitable for all kinds of high-end dynamic theaters, dome theaters, playgrounds, interactive racing games, real-life adventures, interactive dynamic simulation games, various virtual dynamic simulation applications, bringing players a super shocking entertainment experience. 

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