How can I choose a reliable and durable rotary hot pot conveyor belt?

Oct 31 2019

The use of rotary hot pot conveyor belt requires the selection of reliable, durable, low-radiation products, so that it can be used in hot pot restaurants. Such products must have three certificates: CCC certification, effective certification, electronic barcode certificate, and thus can be determined. Guarantee products come to light
                                                                               rotary hot pot conveyor belt
Look at the shell is not in conformity with the T-shaped structure, the T-shaped structure is easy to be embedded into the integration with the desktop.

Third, look at the thickness of the upper shell, the thickness of the upper shell should exceed 25MM, otherwise the cooling holes will be blocked by the desktop and affect the heat dissipation. The thickness of the general desktop is between 20~25MM.

Fourth, look at the high-performance panel of the hot pot conveyor. The panel must be a microcrystalline plate. Especially in the heating area, there should be no scratches, no spots or trachoma, so this can cause the panel to generate physical stress at high temperatures. The stress tolerance is weak and can cause cracking.

Five look at the hot pot power line is not necessary to comply with the relevant regulations, the inner copper wire is as thick as possible, and there is CCC mark, generally 1200W below the standard 0.75 square line; 1800 ~ 2000W or more using 2.0 square line is more appropriate .