How to buy Rotary hot pot conveyor belt

May 28 2020

           The purchase of Rotary hot pot conveyor belt, in addition to the requirements of safety, non-toxicity, hygiene and moderate color, there are many requirements that need to be met, so how to buy a hot pot conveyor belt suitable for use by your own enterprise, first of all, you must basically go to the conveyor Of materials, bandwidth and belt speed.

           What kind of food is conveyed by the hot pot conveyor belt: In general, the characteristics, density, and larger particle size of the material need to be considered; in special cases, the presence of oil, the relatively high temperature of the hot material, and the flame retardant needs, etc. ;
Rotary hot pot conveyor belt
           Rotary hot pot conveyor belt has a relatively large carrying capacity or a relatively large required conveying capacity; bandwidth; conveyor belt speed. Conveyor line layout generally requires the distance between the head and tail rollers along the conveyor; then the height of lifting or lowering, or any upward or downward tilting of the top and bottom elevations of the conveyor section; all upward or downward tilting The inclination of the conveyor section; the position and radius of all vertical curves.