How do I perform routine maintenance on the spicy hot conveyor belt?

Dec 12 2019

          First of all, it is necessary to lubricate the speedy gearbox of the spicy hot conveyor belt, because if it is not properly lubricated, the service life of the gearbox and the motor will be shortened, and mechanical failures will be reduced. It is necessary to regularly add lubricant for maintenance. .

          Chain lubrication, many people will only pay attention to the gearbox, in fact, the chain, or the entire rotating belt and chain transmission equipment, need at least once a month lubricating oil.

           In the shutdown state, you need to wipe the chain and equipment track with a towel every day. You can lift the lotus leaf chain a little at the straight section, and then wipe it with a wet towel until the corner cannot lift the chain. Brush clean.