How to identify common problems with Monorail Rotating Small Hot Pot Conveyor Belt

Sep 28 2019

Many customers have purchased the Monorail Rotating Small Hot Pot Conveyor Belt. If it is put into use for a period of time, there may be problems of large and small. In addition to the uneven quality of the rotary equipment manufacturers, it is more important that they fail to do before the equipment fails. Good maintenance work, then how to eliminate the work before finding the failure of the rotary equipment?
                                                                                                         Hot Pot Conveyor Belt
1, drinking water faucet dripping, when the water is large and small

Generally, this situation must first remove the faucet, then replace the silicone seal ring, adjust the hot water pump water ball valve, and control the water output to solve the problem.

2. What should I do if the rotary equipment has been used for a long time?

In this case, the stainless steel sealing plate needs to be removed, and after the damage is removed, the lubricant can be sprayed to the abnormal sounding part.

3. What should I do if the chain of rotating equipment is too long?

First adjust the elastic wheel with a hexagonal key and other related tools. After adjustment, swing the thrust part of the chain tightly.

4. The motor of the rotary equipment is very noisy. What should I do?

If the motor noise is greater than 60 decibels, it is necessary to check whether the power supply is out of phase, whether the gearbox is short of oil, whether the cooling fan works, and then eliminate it according to the problem.

5. What should I do if the pump is abnormal?

If the pump is abnormal, it is necessary to check whether the water supply system is normal or not. At the same time, check the water quality of the tap water in the store. If necessary, install 1 or 2 filter devices to ensure the water supply quality of the pump. Then you need to check whether the water pump vents are blocked by foreign matter, drain the air inside the pump, remove the large nut of the pump body, and then install it after the water drops are discharged.