How to repair the rotary hot pot conveyor belt after it is damaged?

Mar 31 2020

In the long-term use of rotary hot pot conveyor belt, it is inevitable that it will encounter problems that cause longitudinal tearing of the conveyor belt, cracking of the conveyor belt and damage to the surface of the conveyor belt. We usually call it conventional damage to the conveyor belt, every time Seeing this situation is a headache. If it is light, you can do some cold vulcanization repairs. If it is heavy, you need to replace the belt and carry out hot vulcanization joints. Not only does it cause trouble to yourself, but more importantly, it causes unnecessary economic losses to the enterprise.
rotary hot pot conveyor belt
So how do you avoid these situations? Let's briefly analyze the specific reasons for the tearing of the book. The vibration shock causes the fasteners to loosen and fall off, causing the falling coal pipe liner and guide plate to fall.

There is also a possibility that foreign materials are mixed into the material, which makes the heavy ears hard and hard; the roller is defective and the roller frame is scratched. The rotary hot pot conveyor belt may also be caught after a serious deviation. Due to the limitation of the space size, the conveyor belt bends many times, resulting in more than two vulcanizations for various reasons during the vulcanization of the joint.