How to repair the rotary hot pot conveyor belt after it wears out?

Nov 14 2019

1. Fire rotary hot pot conveyor belt is worn and repaired. After long-term use of the sprocket, it will be more prone to wear due to the continuous loss of the sprocket gear, which will cause the sprocket and chain to mesh instably and cause the phenomenon of hanging chain. Replace the guards in time after wear. When replacing the guards, you can easily replace them without disassembling the bearing assembly. The wheel hub can be used for a long time, which not only saves time and materials, but also reduces maintenance costs, thereby effectively extending the service life of components.

2. Maintenance of conveyor chain. Conveying chain is one of the parts that are prone to wear. In order to extend the service life of the chain, it is best to use a sealed oiling and lubricating device. This device can save energy by 5 to 10% and reduce noise.

3. For the maintenance of the transmission system, a precision hard toothed surface reducer, a heavy-duty curved plate chain, and a hydraulic coupling are selected. This will make the structure of the drive system more compact and can be adapted to the power transmission of the mechanical drive system. Allows smoother operation and lower noise.