Technical maintenance of hot pot conveyor belt

Dec 25 2019

          PotHot pot conveyor belt's sprocket will be worn out during long-term use, which will cause the sprocket and chain to be unstable in engagement, and the phenomenon of chain hanging may also occur. This requires the user to replace the protective sheet in time after wearing, and it is best not to disassemble the bearing assembly to replace it during replacement.
hot pot conveyor belt
          In addition, the chain needs to be maintained in time. Rotary hot pot equipment generally uses plate chain high-strength wear-resistant chains. The material of the hot pot conveyor belt chain is generally alloy steel, which has high precision and wear resistance. However, in order to extend the service life It is still necessary to add lubricant to this device for operation.

          Hot pot conveyor belt On the reducer, it is best to use a precision hard toothed surface reducer, which can make the conveyor run more smoothly and the noise is lower.