What are the characteristics of general rotating rotary hot pot conveyor belt

Apr 17 2020

        Our experienced engineers and designers continue to design and develop new rotary hot pot conveyor belts. At present, we design new humanized and fashionable kitchen equipment, so that I can meet different customers and meet the changing needs. Market demand. We are very cautious in the selection and use of raw materials, strictly grasp each quality barrier, advanced production technology and scientific management make the products not only sell well all over the world
rotary hot pot conveyor belt
         The rotary hot pot conveyor belt produced by our company generally has the following characteristics. First, the conveyor chain runs smoothly, then the height difference between the two chain pieces of the conveyor chain is small, and then the connection of the guide rail of the conveyor is smooth and without Burr, and the related structural design is reasonable, so the chain belt is durable, because the chain pad is also made of a relatively special material, so it has the characteristics of wear resistance and noise.