What are the characteristics of rotary small hot pot equipment?

Feb 07 2020

Rotary small hot pot equipment The overall operation of the conveyor belt is stable, the space between the conveyor belts is flat, and the conveyor rail guides are flat to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment. The conveyor belt pads are made of special materials, which has a low coefficient of wear resistance and reduces noise.

The rotary small hot pot equipment mainly includes the following parts: hot pot bracket, power system, and conveyor chain. The length of the hot pot equipment is calculated based on the unfolded length of the conveyor chain. The shape and length of the equipment are based on the restaurant design.
Rotary small hot pot equipment
DIY optional accessories: hot water supply system, faucet, water heater, pedal, cabinet decorative board
The range of use can be used for hot pot, sushi, revolving hot pot, revolving sushi, self-service hot pot, revolving self-service hot pot. Conveying equipment wins customer support with low price and high quality. You can choose the decorative material for the equipment table, and the fireproof plate, stainless steel plate, mosaic, aluminum plastic plate, etc. can be selected as the decorative material for the wall skirt under the table. Equipment package installation, and its equipment can be designed in various shapes according to the area of ​​the store and customer requirements.

It was delivered to consumers' tables through a rotary small hot pot equipment conveyor, realizing the leap from human service to automatic technology service in traditional restaurants, providing consumers with a richer variety of food, a more convenient way to eat and a more environmentally friendly, low-carbon The concept of healthy eating enables consumers to easily and comfortably achieve zero-distance contact with food in the first time, so that they feel that not only the food at the entrance is served to them, but the purpose of the strict production and quality service Best conveyed.