What should I pay attention to when installing rotary hot pot equipment?

Feb 29 2020

Rotating hot pot is very popular among young people. Many hot pot restaurants on the market have emerged at the historic moment, so the purchase and use of equipment is also essential. Although the installation is generally performed by the manufacturer, as a shop owner, it is necessary to understand the installation problems. Then, let's take a look at the installation of rotary hot pot equipment. What should be paid attention to?

The installation position of the main unit and the motor. When installing the rotary hot pot equipment, the ground must be level to ensure that the small hot pot equipment cannot shake during normal operation. The installation host and motor should be located relatively close to the power supply. This can not only enhance the power bearing capacity, but also shorten the wires and save costs.

Ensure the dining comfort of the diners. When the rotary hot pot equipment is installed, it is necessary to leave a certain passageway to ensure that the diners can walk easily. Also pay attention to the height of the countertop to make the diners more comfortable during the meal. It is necessary to point out that the equipment maintenance space must be set aside to facilitate the timely maintenance of the small hot pot equipment in case of failure.
rotary hot pot equipment
What should I pay attention to when installing hot pot equipment? How to maintain?

The wear and maintenance of the sprocket, because the rotary hot pot is generally run for a long time, so the sprocket of the equipment will generally be relatively easy to wear, if the maintenance is not timely, it will seriously affect the work efficiency. So we need to replace the worn sprockets in time.

How to reduce the sprocket wear. When using hot pot, you can make some technical modifications to the sprocket. By combining the sprocket and the guard, you can reduce the wear. You can simply replace the guard when replacing a lot of.