Why do restaurants need smart food delivery robot?

May 25 2019

The emergence of smart food delivery robot has brought the greatest gospel to the current restaurant industry. The demographic dividend continues to be bullish, and many places are facing difficulties in recruiting workers. The demand for industrial robots in many factories is very large. Similarly, the catering industry faces similar problems. Although the waiter's work is simple, the working environment has to look at the face of the person and endure the utensils used by the guests. Therefore, the waiter is difficult to recruit is the most troublesome problem in the catering industry. “The current age of the waiter industry is dominated by young people in their twenties, and these young people tend to be unstable and work very efficiently. This brings a lot of trouble and cost to the restaurant.” This is the catering industry. Common phenomenon. The feeding robot not only has no pain, but also does not produce emotions. This trait is both good for management and good for the restaurant. “No emotions” is not the reason why restaurant robots are so popular. The bigger thing is that the price of a food delivery robot is close to the salary of an employee for one year. The cost of the smart food delivery robot is indeed lower than that of the hired noodle chef. However, if you only talk about "money", the advantage of service robots is not very obvious. Due to battery capacity limitation, a feeding robot can run 4 to 5 hours a day, equivalent to 0.5 passers. The price of Taiwanese food delivery robots is 4 to 50,000 yuan, and the restaurant has to pay about 2,000 yuan per year. The current monthly salary of Beijing food workers is about 3,500 yuan. In the long run, it is more cost-effective to use restaurant robots. You only see here, you think that the advantages of the smart food delivery robot is extremely clear, enough to be worth buying, then you have to savor the residual value brought by the delivery robot. It is still a new thing for the robot to appear around us. If a restaurant in your city uses a food delivery robot, can you attract a lot of people's attention, then these people will be curious and go to their restaurant to see how the robot delivers food. Then, the turnover of the restaurant in the future must rise sharply in a straight line. For the savvy merchant, it is good at using the robot as a hoe, thus recruiting More business. Restaurant robots appear at this time, which is a good thing for the restaurant industry, not only solves the problem that the waiter is hard to find, but also can get very great value with less cost. Not only can it become the “eye-catching tool” of the restaurant, but the restaurant can be able to take advantage of new things and get huge economic returns.