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A revolving restaurant is a tower restaurant eating space designed as a wide circular revolving platform, it's also called the Tower restaurant or Rotation tower restaurant. Tower restaurant can be customized into a rotating glass room, a rotating house, the house and the ground are all rotated. The rotating floor of the rotating restaurant has sockets installed. You can customize a Water revolving restaurant, which people can enjoy the view of city while eating on a rotating platform. It can improve the quality of main building, increase the economic efficiency and speed up the The use of such equipment can improve the quality of the main building, increase economic efficiency, speed up the return on investment, also it becomes a hardware facility of star hotels.Rotating restaurant, Automobile Turntable, Industrial Rotating display table, Stages.

The rotating restaurant has a track under the floor, which allows the entire restaurant to rotate 360 degree, the dinners can enjoy the outdoors while eating.

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